How to Hole More Short Putts

Hi my name is Francis Howley and I’m the managing director of Golf at Carton House. Today I’m here to give you a tip on short putting.

Most short puts are missed from either our head moving or the deceleration in the putting stroke. So what I’ve set up today is a very simple drill that will help you work on both of these aspects of the put. What I’ve set up here is a ball about 3 feet from the hole, I’ve put a little coin on top of the ball and what we are going to try and do is that when we are putting we are going to try and focus on the coin and not on the ball. What we should see if we do this correctly, we should see the coin fall to the ground and not to hit the putter head as we are doing it. That will let us know that 1) we’ve kept our head still and 2) the putter head has accelerated through the put.

Again like we’d normally set up we want to make sure we get the putter aimed correctly, work on our routine of the that tick tocking sound, try and keep the tempo nice and even in our stroke. Then when we walk into the ball, focus on that coin on top of the ball, go through our stroke and there we can see that the ball has gone into the hole and the coin has fallen down on the spot where the ball was. This is a simple exercise you can do on your practice putting green. What it’s going to help you is two of the key elements in being a good short putter, 1) we keep our head still 2) the putter head accelerates through the stroke. If you can do this, I guarantee you that you will see an improvement in the number of short puts that you hole.